“Media links”
Publications mentioning Exotic Silicon and our research
BSD Now podcast
The BSD Now podcast, which has broadcast over 200 episodes since 2018, covers IT industry news relating to BSD operating systems. Exotic Silicon's work on porting OpenBSD to the Pinephone hardware was covered in episode 441, and our 'reckless guide to OpenBSD' was also mentioned in episode 444. More recently, episode 457 spoke about our 'candlelit console' article.
One of the main on-line resources for news related to OpenBSD, undeadly.org also covered our write-up of installing OpenBSD on the Pinephone hardware, and later linked to our ten-part reckless guide and 'candlelit console' articles.
Manufacturer of some of the best SBCs we've used here at Exotic Silicon, Radxa themselves quickly linked to our comprehensive guide to installing OpenBSD on their RockPi-4a.
Pine 64
One of our research team's very first mailing list posts mentioning our early work on the Pinephone caught the eyes of somebody at Pine 64, and a link to the post promptly appeared in their monthly blog.
Hacker News
A popular IT industry news website which has linked to various work by Exotic Silicon's research team, such as our webpage design studio. Even our guide to tunneling SMTP over IPSEC got a quick mention in one of their user comments.
BSD Foren
A busy BSD-related forum based in Germany, bsdforen.de includes links to our Pinephone articles.
Tweets, mailing list mentions, and other miscellaneous links
Naturally, research by Exotic Silicon is also regularly tweeted and linked to in various places such as mailing list posts and forums. We present a selection of the more interesting ones here:
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