“Commercial IT services from Exotic Silicon”
Commercial services from your favorite research team!
Exotic Silicon is a globally recognised IT research organisation, renowned for pioneering and applying new and novel ideas in business IT.
Now your business has an opportunity to tap into our deep pool of knowledge and experience with our offering of executive commercial IT services.
See our media links page for a comprehensive list of Exotic Silicon's frequent mentions in publications by notable entities in the IT industry.
Exotic Silicon has torn up the rulebook and is busy re-writing it. Whether you dream of starting the next greatest social network, desperately need to convert data from an obscure format, or even just want to ensure that your IT operation runs as efficiently as possible, our team has the knowledge and skills to attend your needs.
Technically minded?
Check out our articles.
Explore the Exotic Silicon Research site at https://research.exoticsilicon.com.
Here you can find detailed technical articles covering our work in a wide range of fields, from low-level debugging on the Pinephone, through advanced network tunneling techniques, business applications for single board computers, and even fixing the occasional decade old bug in OpenBSD, as well as much, much more.
We've also published some C programming tutorials, as well as lighter reading material such as webpage design tips.
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