“Commercial IT services from Exotic Silicon”
Are you trying to solve a unique IT problem that doesn't have an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution?
Then speak to someone who can understand the project's fundamental requirements and implement it from first principles.
Why choose Exotic Silicon?
Exotic Silicon's IT services are aimed at business customers with highly specific and bespoke requirements.
Years of working exclusively in research allowed us to specialise in unique, one-of-a-kind IT projects. Doing these correctly requires considerable experience and a broad knowledge base to avoid making awkward and costly mistakes.
IT companies who lack our decades of experience in the industry can only deal with things at a higher level, and will often try to sell you solutions that have been cobbled together from third-party products and modules that they don't really fully understand.
Whether such an end result works reliably and continues to do so is a gamble. Sometimes it does. Othertimes it can fail spectacularly.
How are we different?
In contrast to this approach, here at Exotic Silicon we actively prefer to start with a blank screen and write our own code from scratch.
We take the time to implement our ideas with low-level techniques and algorithms that we fully understand. When we do need to check a detail of how something works or how a standard is implemented, we gravitate towards the original authoritative documentation over a quick result from a casual web search.
Experience has repeatedly shown us that this approach almost always leads to higher quality results, and often to other interesting discoveries along the way!
Even our webpages buck the current trends, being fast-loading yet fully compliant with HTML 5 and CSS standards, free of privacy-invading analytics cookies, and non-reliant on Javascript. Once again, we prove that it can be done. Of course, our servers also fully support IPv6 for all of our on-line services, including web, mail, DNS, and gemini.
Get to know us!
We recognise and appreciate that anyone can make the claims on this page, so why not check out the dozens of publications by our research department to get a real feel for the scope of our capabilities and what we can deliver?
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Common questions we can answer:
The list above is not exhaustive.
Exotic Silicon offers a broad range of high-end IT related services. We are specialists in BSD systems, and have often provided near instantaneous solutions to problems from BSD system users who were hopelessly out of their depth.
Whether you've got a new idea, and want to know how to make it happen, or you just need to get safely back to where you were before disaster struck an hour ago, we can probably help.